Effective plastic product manufacturing means more than saving natural resources – it also means saving monetary resources. As efficient as your manufacturing processes may be, you may occasionally encounter a product batch that falls below quality standards. In such cases, sending those parts to the landfill may appear as the only viable option.

Yet when faced with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of substandard parts, leave it to Blue Ocean Plastics and our extensive knowledge in PVC processing to turn your unusable products into useful raw resources.

Are You Throwing Away Money?

Consider the ramifications of having to dispose of every defective product or batch of PVC scrap. While perhaps small in individual number, you may over months or even years throw out thousands of pounds of potentially reusable plastic. With this, you are also throwing away money that you must then spend in purchasing new raw materials.

Instead of fueling the landfill with your products, send your PVC waste to us so that it can undergo our highly cost-effective PVC grinding services.

The Process of Plastics Grinding

No matter the type of PVC scrap that you send our way, our comprehensive 120,000 square-foot processing center has the capabilities to grind it into high-quality, reusable plastic. We have made a name for ourselves in transforming plastic waste, especially credit card scrap, into premium PVC materials.

We handle grinding orders of all sizes, so regardless of how little or large your grinding needs, we make sure that you quickly and conveniently have the reusable raw materials you need. We also custom blend and granulate your PVC waste so that the resources returned to you bear no distinction from normal virgin plastic.

The Benefits of Plastics Grinding

The occasional tossed batch of defective plastic parts may appear harmless. If it truly were a sporadic occurrence, perhaps it would pose no great threat.

However, consider the number of plastic manufacturers around the world that dispose of their plastic waste on a daily basis. Those numbers far surpass an occasional occurrence, and with each trip to the landfill, our natural resources dwindle. When PVC scrap is recycled instead of discarded, it can make a sizeable impact on manufacturing costs.

Let us help to minimize your plastic waste and producing costs. Our processing center offers affordable PVC grinding services for companies in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area and other parts of the country. Contact one of our recycling experts today to using the form on the right to schedule your complimentary waste assessment.

See for yourself the difference that recycling your plastic waste can make to your bottom line. Complete the form to receive additional information about our easy and cost-effective plastic recycling services!