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Finding the best way to properly dispose of your company’s plastic and PVC products and packaging can be frustrating. Tossing these items in the garbage is like throwing away money. And remember! Burning or burying PVC scrap and other plastics is harmful to our environment and health.

So What Should You Do?

Schedule your free waste assessment with Blue Ocean Plastics by completing the form on this page. Once you have done this, our recycling experts will get back to you right away and they will tell you exactly how to improve your company’s bottom line, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Customers commend our ability to provide quality recycled material, superior service and cost-cutting resource conservation solutions all over the United States. On average, we annually reprocess approximately 40 million pounds of PVC scrap into a reusable form. One hundred percent of the material we reprocess originates from post-industrial sources. Today, we stand as a leading U.S. producer of PVC compounds and a recycler of credit card waste and other types of plastics.

Helping You Do Your Part

Recycling is not only good for business … it’s also good for the Earth. By recycling your company’s waste, you’ll help to:

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